Ken Johanning – Chairman Uniworld, ICOBP and EntreTec
Visionary, Entrepreneur and Business Strategist with Philanthropic Ideals

Present – Kenneth Johanning serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for EntreTec, Uniworld, FinProTec, ITEC Expo’s, and ICOBP. He as well serves as a principal and a member of the Board of Directors for US Cash, Vivamus Wineries, Fortune Gaming, Fuels Corporation of America, R.E.I.T. Management Inc., and various other fine companies. Mr. Johanning currently serves a United States Congressional Appointment on the Business Advisory Council and a Presidential Appointment to serve as Chairperson on a Presidential Commission relating to economics, small business and trade issues. 

1989 to Present – Kenneth Johanning, Chairman, President, CEO and Principal of EntreTec which is primarily a business and marketing consulting firm. He has been involved with and assisted many various companies and entrepreneurs. His key success lies in the plans and strategies to capture windows of opportunity and include assistance in recruiting the right development team, promotion of concept and plan that creates strong strategic alliances and attracts Joint Venture Partners, key management personnel and Joint Ventures with other companies. His involvement has also included authoring marketing plans, sales training guides and programs. Mr. Johanning has also played a vital role in promoting capital for Joint Ventures, private offerings, public posturing, mergers and acquisitions.

Through EntreTec, Mr. Johanning has earned his income through consultant fees, stock ownership and/or both. In certain projects he has become a principal or partner. Among some of his prestigious clients during this period, you will find General Motors, Republic Enterprise, Medi-Trust, MEDPRO, Acuity International, Harvard Scientific, Investor Services Inc., Uniworld Corp., Interval International, Asian Town USA and others.

1971-1989 Kenneth L. Johanning served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Kenco Corporation, Wichita, Kansas, which specialized in market research, Real Estate development and consulting in the creative concept and development of international fast track growth of retail, restaurant and hotel chains. Among the prestigious clients were Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Payless Shoe Source, Safelite, Wendy’s, Residence Inns, Quality Inns, Marriott, Trak Auto, Sonic Industries, Susie’s Deals, Cricket Alley, Family Dollar, Kroger and SixFlags Theme Parks. (Kenco’s Theme Park Division was sold to ITPS in 1989).  Mr. Johanning reorganized Kenco under the new name, EntreTec to continue in providing his specialized services.

Other Involvements:
1981-1986 Development Director with Tom Devlin in the development of 685 Rent-A-Center stores (sold to Thorne EMI in 1986 when franchise rights were retained).  Then, 1986-1990, Mr. Johanning teamed up with Frank Carney for the development of west coast franchise operations.

1972-1979 Mr. Johanning was one of the principal executives in the start up and development of the first five-state area of Electronic Realty Association (ERA) franchise offices.

Mr. Johanning has also been involved in the creation and development of theme parks, theme shopping complexes and timeshare resorts. He is a graduate of Boston College with a B.S. degree in Marketing and furthered his education at Washburn University School of Law.