John Slitz

John Slitz – Senior Technology Consultant

John Slitz is a seasoned executive with a history of building and leading dynamic organizations to achieve significant growth and market presence. It is his keen understanding of strategy, positioning and market development that enables him to build dedicated effective teams capable of achieving over market success. He is currently President of Slitz & Company Inc a firm he founded to provide advisory services to High Tech Companies. John also serves as Founder and Chairman of the World Series of Golf, a content production company producing made for television events for worldwide distribution.

From 2002 until early 2005 John was CEO of Systems Research and Development (SRD), a software developer producing Identity Mining products for the Threat Fraud and Intelligence marketplace. The company under John’s leadership grew sales from $1.3M in 2001 to $14.1M in 2004. He then led a strategic sale of the Company to IBM in January of 2005 becoming VP of Entity Analytics an IBM development group and profit center with a worldwide mission focused on developing the emerging market of Threat, Fraud and Intelligence. During the time he led SRD he built a high quality management team, raised an A round of funding (totaling $11 M), focused the nascent SRD technology away from the gaming/casino market (93% of sales in 2001) and toward enterprise level government agencies (87% of sales in 2004) and sold the company for a strategic valuation to IBM.

In an accomplished and varied career, Mr. Slitz founded three successful companies including the Object Management Group, a not-for-profit commercial standards body which expanded its membership during his tenure from 12 to 731 member organizations, Netwise, an RPC software technology company purchase by Microsoft in 1992, and the World Series of Golf. As a senior executive in major technology companies he has held positions at Novell, Senior VP Marketing and twice as a VP in IBM’s Software Group. Whether as founder/entrepreneur or senior executive John has always been drawn to the leading edge of technology where his skills in identifying markets, building and leading high energy focused teams, and communicating complex messages to the marketplace, investors, employees and the media have consistently borne amazing results.

As SVP Marketing for Novell John led the effort to reprice and simplify the vast array of Novell products and in the course of that effort contributed $242M to Novell’s bottom line in 1998/99. The announcement of Netware 5 was lauded by the industry as one of the most successful product launches to that time and earned John awards as one of the top 10 Marketing Executives of 1999 and top High tech Marketing Executive.

John has twice held the title of VP in the IBM Software Group. As VP Marketing for Middleware he launched IBM’s re-entry into the Object Tools market, announce Websphere, and developed and implemented IBM’s successful communications strategy for object technology.  In his second turn as a senior IBM executive John led Entity Analytic Systems growing revenue 200% over two years and expanding product sales worldwide while acquiring and integrating Language Arts Systems (LAS), a market leader in name identification software.

John holds a BA in Economics from SUNY at Cortland, an MBA from Fairleigh Dickenson and a MA in Sociology and Psychology from The New School for Social research.

He has published numerous articles and white papers on various technologies and been a frequent speaker at major Industry Events.

He has won significant recognition for his achievements in developing and executing strategic marketing programs.

Marketeer of the Year 1999, Marketing Computers Magazine, January 1999
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