John Carlson

John G. Carlson – Government Relations & Real Estate
Development Consultant

Career Summary
Twenty-five years of domestic and international experience, including The White House as Deputy Press Secretary to two Presidents and positions with top Fortune 100 companies. Major areas of expertise include management and administration, extensive domestic and international marketing and sales experience, with emphasis in S.E. Asia and Latin America. Very active in real estate development, and heavily involved in public, corporate, government, public, investor, shareholder and medial relations. Have had the additional responsibility as the Company spokesperson in every position.

President – Carlson & Associates
3/01 – Present
(Miami, Florida)

  • Consulting to mid-size and Fortune 500 companies in the areas of public and governmental affairs and corporate communications, media and press relations.
  • Represent companies interested in promoting their products, image and brand name domestically and abroad. Assist companies in acquiring federal and state approvals, contracts and business.

President & Chief Operating Officer,
10/99 – 2/01
(Heath site on Internet, Miami, FL.)

  • Recruited and trained Staff of 53 and managed the day-to-day operations
  • Developed the most comprehensive health-site on the Internet
  • Responsible for all major strategic and economic alliances, and the interface with the press and public.

President – USA Medical Services International
8/95 – 9/99
(A&H, Life and Travel Insurance, Miami, FL.)

(Executive Vice President, Amedex Insurance Group (parent)

  • Responsible for expanding the national and international marketing and sales activities of this firm which specialized in worldwide medical care and insurance services
  • Primary contact with the media and handled all public, political and community affairs
  • Developed video for the sales force, employees and financial community
  • Established joint ventures and strategic alliances with companies such as Citibank and First Union Bank
  • Prepared the strategic business plan and was responsible for an I.P.O. for the company

Chief of Staff to Congressman Jack Metcalf
1/95 – 7/95
(Washington, D.C.)

  • Hired and trained staff of 12
  • Developed and administered annual budget of $2 million
  • Responsible for all aspects of the office, to include briefing of Congressman before all meetings, speeches and appearances
  • Scheduled and approved all appointments, press releases and positions on issues
  • Recruited and trained replacement

Campaign Manager, Metcalf for Congress Committee
8/94/ – 12/94

  • Directed and supervised all aspects of the campaign, to include development of the organization
  • Worked with candidate on handling of press conferences, interviews, major speeches
  • Directed the fund raising effort
  • Wrote most and supervised all press releases

Executive Vice President – Opinion Research Corporation
1/92 – 7/94
(Princeton, New Jersey based management consulting firm)

  • Expanded the firm’s national marketing, sales, corporate image and communication practice
  • Assisted ORC in positioning their services to prospective clients in areas such as external and internal communication
  • Helped companies access, manage and strengthen their image

President – The Intermark Group

  • (International marketing and sales organization – Los Angeles)
  • Represented U.S. companies abroad, and developed strategy for marketing foreign companies and their products in the U.S.

Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Affairs – Kilroy Industries 1985-1988
(Real estate development – Los Angeles, CA.)

  • Designed and implemented all plans for marketing Kilroy’s commercial real estate projects in the U.S., one of the largest developers in California and on the West Coast
  • Responsible for all public, press and government relations
  • Liaison with the various civic groups and associations

Vice President, Corporate Relations – Texas Air Corporation 1980 – 1985
(Texas based holding company formed to acquire and start new airlines)

  • Created and implemented a strategy for all governmental relations at the international, federal, state and local levels
  • Company spokesperson responsible for all contacts with the media, shareholders and public and civic affairs
  • Responsible for all interactions with governmental agencies and the media in the start-up of New York Air and the acquisition of Continental Airlines

Regional Vice President – Hughes Airwest
1977 – 1980
(Regional airline, subsidiary of Summa Corporation)

  • Increased revenues and cut costs for the Northwest region, which encompassed over one-quarter of the airline, with 1000 employees, 14 cities and more than $110 million in annual revenues
  • Direct control and responsibility at the corporate level for all government, public, political, press, shareholder and customer relations.
  • Assigned to the parent Company, Summa Corporations, at times, to assist them with their government and press relations

Deputy Press Secretary and Assistant Press Secretary to the President 1972 – 1977
(The White House, Washington, D.C.)

Deputy Press Secretary to President Gerald R. Ford
August 10, 1974 – January 20, 1977

Assistant Press Secretary to President Richard Nixon
January, 1972 – August 9, 1974

  • Following daily meetings with the President, NSC & Domestic Council, briefed the White House Press Corps on all domestic issues
  • Responsible for the preparation of the President’s daily news summary and briefing book
  • Traveled with and attended virtually all major meetings in the U.S. with the President
  • Prepared the President for press conferences
  • One of several staff that briefed visiting business and professional groups on administration policy
  • Administrative responsibility for the press staff of 52 professionals

MBA Program, University of Washington, Seattle
BA, Business Administration, Washington State University, Pullman

Infantry Officer, U.S. Army
Company Commander of a 200-man unit; completed Army Ranger, Airborne and Jungle Schools