Frank Sherlock

Frank Sherlock – Investor Relations

Frank supports the vision and challenging entrepreneurial endeavors of Ken Johanning by being committed to completing projects on time and with attention to quality and detail.
Since 1999 Frank has served the primary role with EntreTec as investor relations manager. Frank has participated in the research, development and implementation of Uniworld, ICOBP, U.S. CASH, FinProTec and Vivamus Wineries. He has assisted in producing the business plans for World Federation of Nations Foundation and other EntreTec clients.

After graduating from the University of California, San Diego with his BA in Biology, Franks worked for two years as a research scientist producing a synthetic sweetener for lab studies. He then moved into commissioned sales establishing new accounts for Graphica in Riverside, California, enrolling companies such as 3M, Borg Warner, and the Riverside and San Bernardino County Employees Associations. He spent eleven years before coming to EntreTec in the life insurance industry and was a member of the San Bernardino Estate Planning Council, the Chartered Life Underwriter Association, and the National Association of Life Underwriters.

Frank enjoyed working in the past with the San Bernardino and Redlands Drug Courts and today sailing and gardening.