Harry Dheedene – Real Estate Development
Real Estate Developer – Manager – Investor



Bachelor degree in Real Estate 2006
College of Anwerp, Belgium


Twenty-five year old family company Group Dheedene specialized in real estate development in
Belgium and Czech Republic developments includes custom homes, condos, retail, warehousing,
lotisments and office buildings

In 2006 Mr. Dheedene started an investment company in Belgium to invest in real estate
development projects in the U.S. The same year Mr. Dheedene moved to Las Vegas, Nevada,
formed a development company, DDNE LLC, and since has completed successfully retail and
office developments.


In this world of globalization, Mr. Dheedene brings global experience and enlightenments to any
new development. Even still young, growing up in the family business gave him invaluable
experience plus creates a solid base of outside reliable consulting and support in the time of

His age providing energy along with work effort and attentiveness to detailed organization
provides the ability to accept any size of development and to assure the job is done right the first
time, on time and within budget.