Thanh Johanning
CFO, Riverside CA Office (951)-779-3550

Thanh Johanning is President and CEO of U.S. CASH, a financial services company that
owns and operates a multi-unit chain of financial service retail outlets named Uncle Cash and a
financial processing company called FinProTec. Mrs. Thanh Johanning was born in Mytho,
Vietnam and was raised by her entrepreneurial Chinese father. Mrs. Johanning was exposed to
the business world from an early age in her family’s department store operations. Mrs. Johanning
is multilingual, speaking Vietnamese and English. Mrs. Johanning attended the Vietnamese
school of higher learning. In 1973 she attended Hutchinson Community College studying Business Economics.

Mrs. Johanning has spent her career life as an independent Real Estate Investor, Landlord, and
Property Manager, and as a Business Investor and Financial Advisor for companies owned by
her and her husband. Mrs. Johanning is currently serving on the Board of Directors for EntreTec,
Pow Wow Casino Gaming, and Uniworld, Inc.