Randall M. Pierson, Technology Consultant


I have had over 30 years experience in the high tech industry managing sales,
marketing and engineering. I have also had more than 20 years experience doing
business internationally with a special emphasis in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and
2005-2012 Certiport, Inc. American Fork, UT
Executive VP
2000-2003 Certiport, Inc. American Fork, UT

President & CEO
This company provides Certification Testing Services for Microsoft and other IT
Certifications. While there, grew company revenues from approximately $6M to
over $50M and moved the company from a net loss to net profit position.
1998-2000 Novell, Incorporated Provo, UT
VP, Global Field Marketing
Responsible for 150 employees world wide and a $60 million global field
marketing budget. My organization was responsible for all field marketing
activities world wide for Novell.
1988-1998 International Verifact, Inc. Bolder, CO

VP Sales & Marketing
The company was a pioneer in the optical character recognition (OCR)
technology field. We provided OEM solutions to companies such as Pitney
Bowes and UPS. We provided retail solutions to large retailers such as Target,
Safeway, Nordstrom and many others. While there, I lead the design, marketing,
and sales of a stand alone check authorization terminal for mid sized retailers and
franchised retail operations such as McDonalds.
1984- 1988 Key Tronic Corporation Spokane, WA

Sr. VP Sales and Marketing (1987-88)
The company was the largest independent keyboard manufacturer in the word at
that time. It was the leading OEM supplier of keyboards for companies such as
Compaq, Wang, Sperry, Unisys, Dell, and many others. I led the team that grew
revenues from $106M to $131M over a two year period. My team also
introduced award winning keyboard and mouse designs into the retail market.
Education BA Finance University of Washington Seattle, WA

Charles E. Barbour – Technology Consultant
Proven results-oriented software executive with over twenty years of widely varied
technology experience. He has an outstanding record of continuously delivering
innovative software, of building and improving teams, and of working effectively across
operational boundaries and with major clients. He has unique expertise in acquisitions
and mergers, in sustained very high growth, in multinational and multi-site development,
including off-shoring, and in highly-scalable internet systems, including Web 2.0,
SOA/SaaS, databases, analytics and multimedia. Many of the companies where he had
management positions have been acquired, and he has joined these companies with the
explicit intention to help build the business and complete an acquisition. Recently left a
position as development Director at IBM following acquisition of an enterprise software
company (by IBM) which he helped build as SVP of Engineering and Services.

He has:
· Completed extensive pre- and post-sales work, including large deal-winning
benchmarks and customer presentations.
· Managed multiple product development functions, including engineering, QA, project
management, product management, large-scale server and SaaS operations, IT,
professional services and technical support.
· Published and presented invited technical papers on multi-tier client/server systems,
and on broadband content technologies and business models.
· Worked in three companies funded by large Japanese multinationals, in several
funded by venture capitalists, and in large publicly-owned companies.
· Led due diligence and worked on business plans from both sides of investment and
acquisition transactions. Managed post-deal integration.
· Started European software engineering teams, fluent in German.
· Managed offshore teams in Japan, in India and in China.
· Managed over 120 employees with annual budget responsibility over $18M.
· Accomplished at delivering competitive products, managing to exacting financial
constraints, and adapting organizations and infrastructure under conditions varying from
hyper-growth to stable/established to downsizing and mergers.

Founder at Apollo Computer, at Prime Computer, and at FirePower Systems (Canon,
NeXT, Motorola), among others. Has consulted in interim executive roles for many more
technology companies and for venture capitalists.
Areas of technology expertise include: data analytics, database management, distributed
systems, multi-tier architecture, multimedia, enterprise software, Web 2.0, SOA, security,
e-commerce, consumer products, 3D graphics, operating systems, multiprocessing system
architectures and Agile development.

Education includes a B.S. in Mathematics from Northwestern University, complete
coursework for the M.S.E.E. in Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania, and
graduation from the Stanford University Graduate Business School Executive Seminar.
Outside the computer industry, Charlie is an accomplished commercial pilot and FAAcertified
flight instructor. He has served in many community organizations, including the
International Design Conference, Rotary, the board of the Aspen Writers Foundation, and
the UNLV Business School MIS Advisory Board. He has been Regional Judge for the
FIRST Robotics Competition (high school) for five years.