Pricing Disclosure






Joint Ventures                                                  

By Negotiation


Capital Funding                                    

5-4-3-2-1% Regressive


Franchise Sales

10% to 15%


Real Estate Commercial Sales

4% to 7%


Real Estate Land Sales

By Negotiation


Business Sales

6% to 10%


3rd Party Negotiation

By Negotiation (1%-10m+)



By Negotiation


The Following Services Available Under Consulting Division

Business and Legal Structuring - Marketing Strategies - Joint Ventures
Public or Private Offerings - Mergers / Acquisitions / Reverse Mergers
Financial Projections - Complete Written Business Plan
Development of Operating Manuals - Extensive Research
Business and Conceptual Modeling
Consulting Fees



Business Strategist

$1,250 per hour


Principal Professional

$750 per hour


Specialized Professional

$350 per hour


Specialized Legal

$700 per hour


General Legal

$500 per hour



$75 per hour



$215 per hour


Specialized Financial Professional

$215 per hour


Financial Professional

$85 per hour


Technical Professional

$125 per hour


Research Professional

$60 per hour


Secretarial / Clerical

$38 per hour

Travel, Lodging, Meals, Print, Material and Outsource Professional Services are billed at actual cost.
All Consulting fees are paid at the time of the visit.
Ongoing Consulting: Requires up front retainer.

To save on upfront costs ask about our Participation Program



Special Participation Programs

Consider EntreTec’s “partner for success program:”

  • Saves on upfront costs
  • Provides an incentive for EntreTec’s long term participation
  • A vital team effort that could lead to a higher degree of success
  • Consulting fees are reduced to a cost basis. For this reduction in cost,
  • EntreTec receives either a percentage of earned ownership in your project, or a success fee based upon the success of your project. In other words, EntreTec wins only when your project wins.
  • Each project considered will have its own merits, parameters of
    involvement and degree of potential success. EntreTec is selective in choosing client projects for which it will consider a participation program.
  • Let us analyze your project today.