Gregg Meyer - Financial Consultant
Denver CO Office


Mr. Meyer brings 25 plus years of lending experience, with progressive management responsibilities in
both sourcing/sales and operations. He began his career in the consumer finance company of The
Associates (subsequently acquired by Ford Consumer Finance, then Citi Bank), where he quickly
advanced into managing a real estate portfolio within the State of Oregon. In this role, he held sole
responsibility for the loan portfolio from origination to servicing including collection and loan work-outs.
This valuable experience set the stage to achieve responsible lending throughout his career.

Experienced in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments, he has achieved exceptional results
in retail, wholesale, correspondent and conduit settings, from both delivery and fulfillment perspectives.
This includes working for Lehman Brothers and performing successful trading relationships with
companies such as Countrywide, General American (AIG), and Credit Suisse.

He has consulted with numerous buyers and sellers providing assistance with the acquisition, valuation
and liquidation of both performing assets and non-performing distressed assets. This includes
facilitating a paradigm shift to bulk liquidation of REO assets for a top five U.S. based Bank. This
program bridged the traditional bid/ask gap between seller and investment buyer to create a successful
monthly bulk flow delivery disposition channel.

Mr. Meyer graduated with a degree in Sociology and Economics from Southern Oregon University. He
resides in Colorado.