Marc Dunn Consultant - Commercial Real Estate Development
Phoenix AZ Office

Marcus Dunn started as an entrepreneur at the young age of 17 when he took over a wholesale meat company.   Marc’s entrepreneurial passion provided him a variety of opportunities early in his career which included a startup swimming pool sale & construction company, a residential drywall contractor, and Slurry Seal, an asphalt paving and seal coat provider.  In 1981, Marc was instrumental in expanding Slurry Seal’s operations throughout the Southwest with offices in Albuquerque, Phoenix and Long Beach.  At the time, Slurry Seal became the largest of its kind in the country.  In 1985 Marc sold the company to Edgington Refinery while continuing as their business consultant. 

In 1989 Marc continued his entrepreneurial passion by financing, owning and operating a new Lath, Stucco and Plastering Company.  The California division finished over 2,000 residential homes while the Arizona operation became the largest commercial stucco contractor completing over 10 million square feet of facilities in the hospitality, office, healthcare and retail industry.  Marc continued the Stucco operation until 2007.

Marc also became involved in a variety of real estate related ventures.  From 2001 to 2005, he operated as owner of GLM Management and OME Management.  During this time, net profits for the company increased to $18 million annually after years of continual losses.  Marc’s responsibilities included design work, renovation and expansion of existing projects, land acquisitions and management of 400 employees.  In addition to the hospitality industry, Marc spent a portion of this time acquiring raw land and developing a variety of residential home subdivisions from 2003 to 2005.  Marc was actively involved in the financing, land development, marketing, sales and construction of each project.  The subdivisions were later sold to Frontier Homes. More recently Marc has focused his time on a vocational school in Arizona which he started in 2003 (The Vocational Career Institute, Inc.), which teaches brick, block and stone application technique along with life skill courses. Marc has served on Southwest National Bank’s Board of Directors, as well as educational boards such as Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory and Phoenix Christian High School.  Marc has been married to his wife Cindy for 22 years, has 6 children and 9 grandchildren.