EntreTec is a professional business services company which specializes in business start ups and fast track growth through research and development.

EntreTec fullfills financial needs through joint venture partnering, venture capital, private and public offerings, and negotiates financial funding sources to fund business growth.

EntreTec provides other in-house services: business research and development, technical writing, planning and documentation, advertising agency, marketing and sales, real estate and property management, public and governmental relations and promotion, financial planning and CPA services, legal structuring for businesses, professional business consulting and management.

Let EntreTec be your partner in success. Originally Kenco Corporation, the company was renamed EntreTec, defined Entrepreneurial Technology. Ken Johanning, Chairman, serving the business world since 1971.

Mr. Johanning has now founded UNIWORLD after many years of research and input from many of his and EntreTec's major clients (for further information see www.uniworldlv.com) and has also founded a company reinventing globalization named ICOBP, the INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS of Business Professionals (for further information see www.icobp.com). These two entities are the newest additions to EntreTec's affiliate owned companies, present the highest degree of realistic potential compared to all other new generation business start-ups of this decade. Inquireto see how you can participate in this window of opportunity.

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EntreTec - Turning Entrepreneurs' Dreams Into Reality